A Typical Day in the Our Nation Soup Kitchen

The chef and his team arrive by 6 AM. Cleaning, chopping the vegetables, grating the ginger and garlic, slicing the onions into fine pieces, boiling the water for cooking the rice, getting the spices ready for being added to the masalas—all this and more is routine.

By around 10 AM the pulau is ready. A rich aroma fills the air. Carried in huge cauldrons, with the support of big square trolleys, the cauldrons are moved from the kitchen to the distribution area. The food is now ready to be packed.
From here, a new team takes over whose job is to scoop out the palau and put it into aluminium foil packets of a fixed size. These packets are sealed with rubber-bands, and stacked on tables. Volunteers count the packages and arrange specific number of packets, based on localities they are to be sent.

By 11:30 each morning volunteers from different areas of the city come to the main soup kitchen to collect their allocated share. These shares are decided based on previous feedback.

By 4 in the afternoon, all the food packets are distributed.

On certain days, some of these volunteers gather again in the evening for packaging ration kits for families who have the facility to cook but have no means to buy provisions. Incidentally, distributing ration kits to widows and orphans has been one amongst the many established initiatives of Our Nation Welfare Trust, from the last 7 years.

Our Nation Central Kitchen