Project Description

When a child smiles, the world smiles!

More than 55% of Muslims in India live below the poverty line; even in urban areas. This means they cannot afford two square-meals a day.

Now imagine how many children go to bed on an empty stomach in your very own city.

On Eid day, millions of poor children in India look forward to celebrating the festival — just like our children. While a section of us will buy our children expensive toys, the choicest of garments and loads of chocolates, many thousands will just spend Eid day longing for things that their rich neighbors have bought for their loved ones.

Bringing cheer to underprivileged children is the motto of this unique program. Colourfully packaged gifts are handed over to children in selected slums and orphanages after due diligence. The program is now emulated outside Bangalore as well.

Eid gifts given to poor children each year


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